It is in the oldest village in Portugal, Ponte de Lima, that you can find the Portuguese Toy Museum, installed next to the Roman bridge on the right, in Casa do Arnado and its annexes.

Those who visit the permanent exhibition are guided on a journey that goes back to the end of the 19th century until 1986, showing the Portuguese manufacturers of that time. During the course of the exhibition, it is possible to get an idea of ​​manufacturers, manufacturing techniques, raw materials and geographical distribution of Portuguese industries.

Toys such as tinplate rattles, wooden beach buckets, paper pulp dolls, vans, boats, trains, tricycles and pedal cars are some of the toys that you will be able to enjoy in this “journey”. Through the garden, you can access the Sala das Brincadeiras, the Toy Workshop and the temporary exhibition room. The “mandatory” way out is through the store, where you can find real rarities and take home toys that are unique in the world.

More information here: https://www.visitepontedelima.pt/pt/turismo/museu-do-brinquedo-portugues/

Adress: Casa do Arnado – Largo da Alegria, Arcozelo 4990-154 Ponte de Lima

Gps Coordinates: 41º 46’ 11,3” N | 8º 35’ 20,3” W


  1. Went to Luviana this autumn and didn\’t expect to swim in the sea but I was wrong. Water was warm and weather just perfect, thou mornings are dewy.

  2. My second vacation at this place. As always best service, best kitchen and best accommodations.

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