“Cerquido is characterized by a mountain landscape, with the granite that extends to Senhora do Minho, the traditional terraces, the houses, the streets and the streams that cross it.”

A very beautiful trail for the unforgettable landscapes that you will find!

“The Lobo Atlântico Trail (Trail is a pedestrian route called a short route). The respective markings and signs comply with international standards. The route takes place in the heart of Serra d’Arga, through lands in the municipalities of Ponte de Lima and Caminha, providing direct contact with the heritage, customs and traditions associated with mountain areas. We start the route in Ponte de Lima, in Cerquido, Estorãos parish, more precisely next to the chapel where the Rufina Saint is venerated. This Santa is Justa Santa’s sister. Justa, which can also be worshiped in the same mountain, about 2 km away.

Cerquido is characterized by a mountain landscape, with the granite that extends to Senhora do Minho, the traditional terraces, the houses, the streets and the streams that cross it. With a privileged geographical location, on the slopes of the Serra d’Arga, the place is still a must-visit point for lovers of bucolic nature.

In the areas that smooth the steepest slopes of the imposing Serra d’Arga, namely in the flat areas associated with the Cerquido place and the Arga de Cima places, which we will have the opportunity to visit, we will be confronted with the typical settlement model of the Northwest mountains. Portuguese, whose economic base is based on the agro-silvo-pastoral exploitation of the territory. Leaving the chapel, we turn left and follow a cobbled path to delve into the countryside. Then we climb up the cobbled path until it ends up on the paved road, continuing on along the cobbled path. As we ascend, towards the west, we leave the majestic Lima Valley behind.

Arriving at the top, we can contemplate a flat area, where it is normal to see cattle, namely garranos, one of the three national breeds of horses. The Garrano, which can be seen in the wild here, is considered by many to be the most emblematic figure of the millenary biodiversity of Northwest Portugal. We continue to Porta do Lobo, at about 800m altitude, an area where the wolf usually descended to the parish of Arga de Cima, and even before reaching the mountain community of that parish, belonging to the municipality of Caminha, we saw the Moinhos do Covão, still in excellent condition.

Leaving the place, we pass through a small gate and then through a path surrounded by oaks and other tree species that leads us to the ruins of the place of Reconco. A small place that, until very recently, had only a single inhabitant. Continuing along the route, we will pass the former forester’s house, in Alto do Cavalinho, and we will be confronted with the remains of the old Fojo de Lobo, a rare civil heritage element in the Serra d’Arga. The popular architectural structure, with converging V-shaped walls, served to capture and kill the wolf. After death, the mythical animal, formerly known as the “beast”, was displayed in the villages of the mountains, showing the population the being that frightened them. In the Serra d’Arga, there is a small pack and the wolf is often seen by these stops.
From here we start the descent along an old path, next to a ravine that will take us to the place of Cerquido, to later continue to the place where this route started.”

Source: VisitPontedeLima

Venture out on the trail, download the serradarga

Adress: Rua do Cerquido, Estorãos 4990-590 Ponte de Lima

GPS coordinates: 41° 48′ 26.4″ N | 8° 40′ 30.9″ W


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