In Serra D’Arga, in addition to the natural beauty of the landscapes, you can also enjoy meals that soothe the soul.

And then…

We suggest you to visit Café Capela, where you can find delicious traditional snacks from the region.
In a family atmosphere, cozy and quiet, delight yourself to taste homemade spicy sausage, seasoned pieces of pork loin, gizzards, among others… and to drink, the famous “champarrião”. Regional flavors you’ll want to try!

If you want to visit them:

Address: Rua da Igreja nº46, 4910-188 Dem

Contact: 258 721 127

Rest day: Monday

7 thoughts on “TASTE OF THE MOUNTAIN

  1. Had the best time at this hotel. It really creates such an atmosphere as if you are on an abandoned island with untouched nature. This is a rest not only for body but for soul & mind as well.

  2. I like places where you can unite with nature. After visiting their website I chose this place for vacation and this decision was truly right. 10/10

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