By Sailboat

By Sailboat

Discover the beauty of the sea aboard a sailboat traveling along the mouth of the River Lima and the Atlantic Ocean. Sunbathing and diving in the sea, tasting a wine with oysters from the River Lima, celebrating the wonder of watching the ocean in search of dolphins, enjoying champagne and appetizers on deck, creating new memories, celebrating with family or friends. Some of the wonders of a boat trip. Allow yourself to immerse in a unique journey!

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Dolphin Experience

Max Duration: 2h


10 persons

Group Experience

Max Duration: 7h


10 persons

Family Experience

Max Duration: 3h


10 persons

Family & Sunset Experience

Max Duration: 6h30m


10 persons

Sunset Experience

Max Duration: 2h30m


10 person

Amazing Experience

Max Duration: 10h30m


10 persons

Other Activities

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